The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador- Sede Ibarra (PUCE-SI)

The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador Ibarra Campus (PUCE-SI) is part of the National System of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (SINAPUCE) It is located in Ibarra, Imbabura Province, Ecuador. As campus was created on October 29, 1976, period that marked a new era of development in the northern region of Ecuador. Since its creation an innovative academic offer framed in administration, civil construction, languages, etc., was designed. This University Campus created the first School of Hotels and Tourism in the country. The formative approach was always centered on the students, in the midst of a profound reflection of ethical and Christian values.

It has gone through several administrations run by Jesuit priests. Since 1995 an agreement is signed between the PUCE and the Association of Id Christ the Redeemer, Idente Missionaries, who continued with the growth stage of the campus, this way since 1996 new careers have been created, the infrastructure has been modernized, graduate programs have been implemented and strategic objectives have been set to fulfill the purposes of, quality teaching, community entailment, administrative management and relevant research. Through various agreements national and international internships have been successfully promoted, likewise academic and research projects. Also, it is possible to show transcendent progress regarding laboratory equipment and infrastructure expansion.

Nowadays, the PUCE-SI has nine Schools: Business and International Trade, Management in Tourism enterprises and Hotel Business, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Design, Languages ​​and Linguistics, Systems Engineering, Social Communication, Architecture and Jurisprudence.

Each has its own careers, consolidating a range of 17academic alternatives that meet the needs of the northern region. The PUCE Ibarra Campus is recognized not only by the history and the development that has generated in the north part of Ecuador, but for the services provided to all students and community in general.