Standards for the elaboration of oral educational or professional experiences

Oral educational or professional experiences. These contributions require:

Authorship document:

  • Title of the experience
  • Authors
  • Institution
  • City Country
  • Contact e-mail

Document with the main text of the contribution, which must take into account the following sections and requirements:

- Title

- Abstract (150-200 words).

- Keywords in accordance with the ERIC Thesaurus to create a link between the word and the address (4-5 words).

- Development divided into the following sections:

  • Contextualisation,
  • Development of the experience and
  • Conclusions.

- References in accordance with the sixth edition of the APA standards linking the word to the address

- Maximum length of the document including the main text: 2000 words. Minimum: 1500 words

Oral communications regarding research will comply with the following style sheets:

→ Authorship template for oral educational or professional experiences

→ Main text template for oral educational or professional experiences

Assessment criteria:

  • Interest of the experience for AIDIPE  2015
  • Relevance and opportuneness of the conceptual and logical framework of the experience
  • Congruence of the experience with current trends
  • Clarity, cohesion and singularity of the experience
  • Level of innovation of the experience
  • Transferability of the innovation or experience


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