The structure of AIDIPE 2015 is as follows:

  • Plenary lectures. Sessions during which one or several renowned speakers talk about a current topic related to the theme of the conference, after which time will be allotted for dialogue between the audience and the speaker.

Programmed time: 90 minutes.

  • Thematic workshops. Sessions during which different invited specialists will analyse and offer the participants the opportunity of becoming familiar with a relevant aspect of educational research practice.

Programmed time: 90 minutes.

  • Research symposia. Areas centred on the brief, concise and consecutive debate of oral contributions presented which are organised by research topics. The objective is for the empirical data provided by different researchers to be discussed and shared within a standardised coordination.

Programmed time: 90 minutes.

  • Interactive presentation of research posters. Areas in which the posters are figuratively or graphically exhibited by theme. The posters are presented are presented by their authors followed by a debate with the participating attendees.

Time programmed for presentation and discussion: 60 minutes.

  • Interactive exhibition of posters to introduce research teams. In order to make visible and share the research carried out by the different research groups AIDIPE 2015 will have a physical and temporal space available for the exhibition and presentation of posters and the necessary material to illustrate the lines of research and knowledge of the said teams, thus facilitating their sharing with and the interaction of interested conference attendees.

Time programmed for presentation and discussion: 60 minutes.

  • Sessions on experiences. Areas dedicated to the oral presentation of innovative educational or professional proposals or actions by practitioners in the field of education. A coordinator will be responsible for the dynamization of these sessions.

Programmed duration: 60 minutes.

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