AIDIPE 2015 contribution policy

  • The official language of the conference is Spanish.
  • Contributions will be accepted in Spanish, co-official languages of the state, Portuguese, English and French.
  • All the presentations, debates and discussions will be carried out in Spanish.
  • An author may present up to two contributions in the conference.
  • He/she may also present a poster about the research team in the research section.
  • There is no limit to the number of authors signing contributions.
  • All the contributions presented in the research or experience sections will be anonymously assessed by at least two members of the Scientific Committee.
  • Those contributions with a positive assessment as regards the standards of preparation established by the conference will be published.
  • For a contribution to be included in the publication it is requisite that all its signatories have satisfied the registration fee.

Types of contribution

It will be possible to present four types of contribution in AIDIPE 2015:


1. Oral communications which will be presented in the research symposiums. These communications will mainly refer to the methods, results and conclusions of empirical research related to the five themes included in the research section.

→ Standards for the elaboration of oral communications on research

→ Standards for the presentation of oral communications during AIDIPE 2015

2. Research posters which will be exhibited presented by their authors and with time available for their discussion and interaction between conference attendees. The format of the poster must be adequate for the presentation of the advances or partial results of the research or the use of innovative approaches and perspectives

→ Standards for the elaboration of research posters

→ Standards for the exhibition and discussion of posters during AIDIPE 2015

3. Posters to introduce research teams. Those research teams taking part in the conference may present a poster illustrating their lines of investigation. This contribution will provide the research teams with an opportunity to show their work. These posters will not be assessed by the Scientific Committee.

→ Standards for the elaboration of posters to introduce research teams

→ Standards for the exhibition and presentation of posters to introduce research teams during AIDIPE 2015


1. Oral educational or professional experiences. Contributions which include educational or professional proposals, practices or actions in the area of formal or informal education, outstanding in that they are innovative or provide added value to the development of education.

→ Standards for the elaboration of oral educational or professional experiences

→ Standards for the oral presentation of educational or professional experiences during AIDIPE 2015

The rooms set aside for oral presentations are equipped with computers, a projector, a screen and Wi-Fi. Should you need any other resources please inform the organisation beforehand.


AIDIPE 2015 will award the following certificates:

  • Certificate of attendance
  • Certificate of debate and discussion of oral communications
  • Certificate of presentation and discussion of research posters
  • Certificate of presentation and discussion of research team posters
  • Certificate of presentation of experiences


Those contributions accepted by AIDIPE 2015 and which comply with the standards of elaboration and style sheets will be published in an eBook with ISBN. This book will be published on the conference website at the start of the same.

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